Tips on How We Can Honor The Veterans in Our Lives This Memorial Day

We honor and celebrate our veterans every day, but Memorial Day is our chance to truly show the veterans in our lives our respect and appreciation.


For many loved ones who served, being a veteran is an important part of their identity and Memorial Day is a celebration of the important commitment that they made. For others, Memorial Day may be a more solemn day filled with somber memories. To help you pay your respects this Memorial Day, we want to share with you a few ways that you can honor the veterans you love.


1. Attend an event.


If you are looking for ways to celebrate the veterans in your life this Memorial Day, we encourage you to check your local town or government website for any parades or events they may be hosting. Many towns hold Memorial Day festivals and community events where veterans will be recognized by local officials and family members can enjoy live music, food, and games.


2. Volunteer.


One of the best ways to show your appreciation and give back to the veterans in your life is to volunteer on Memorial Day. Whether you donate blood, clean up and decorate a veterans’ cemetery, or spend a few hours at a VA hospital, your time and dedication to veterans will honor the service and sacrifices many veterans made.


3. Send care packages.


While Memorial Day honors those who no longer serve in the military, there is no reason why you cannot show your appreciation for active duty service members. Consider sending notes or care packages to troops overseas to thank them for their service and dedication. You can even send an old cell phone to help connect troops to loved ones!


4. Visit a veterans’ cemetery.


For those who view Memorial Day as a more solemn occasion, we encourage you to spend some time visiting a veterans’ cemetery on this day of remembrance. You can still honor and pay your respects to the veterans you love by walking around the cemetery and sharing stories about the veterans in your life, both past and present.


These are just a few ways you can recognize and celebrate the veterans you love this Memorial Day. If you have any questions or are in need of some additional ideas, do not wait to ask us your VA questions. We are here to assist you for all of your veterans-related needs.

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