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There are more than 23 million veterans nationwide, and many of them are dealing with serious health issues stemming from their dedicated military service. One particular concern our clients and community face involves Agent Orange. This is a toxic chemical that was mainly used to clear trees and plants during the Vietnam War.

It is believed that contact with Agent Orange can lead to a range of illnesses.


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers disability compensation and health benefits for those who may be suffering.

An accredited VA attorney can help secure these valuable resources for impacted veterans and their families.

In most instances, Agent Orange disability compensation and benefits are available for those who served in or near Vietnam during the Vietnam War era, and for those who served in certain jobs where they had contact with the dangerous chemical. This includes serving on C-123 airplanes used to spray the herbicide and on U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships used to transport it.

The VA does not require a veteran to show that his or her related health problems started during their military service because certain diseases are already known to be the result of Agent Orange.

The VA specifically shares on its Agent Orange website, “We believe that contact with Agent Orange, a toxic chemical used to clear trees and plants during the Vietnam War, likely causes several illnesses.” To qualify for support, veterans instead must show that they have a “presumptive disease,” including, but not limited to, the following conditions:

– Chronic B-cell Leukemia
– Hodgkin’s Disease
– Respiratory Cancers
– Soft Tissue Sarcomas
– AL Amyloidosis
– Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
– Chloracne
– Peripheral Neuropathy
– Parkinson’s Disease
– Ischemic Heart Disease

There are other illnesses that the VA recognizes for disability compensation and health care benefits, but veterans will need to file a claim and include corresponding evidence. At a minimum, required documentation will involve medical records establishing an Agent Orange-related illness, military records indicating service dates and locations, or evidence proving exposure to Agent Orange in a location other than Vietnam or the Korean demilitarized zone. An accredited VA attorney can help you do this and represent you throughout the process.

Bear in mind that if a veteran is suffering from an illness that might be caused by Agent Orange, but it is not formally listed by the VA, a claim can still be filed, as long as, additional documentation can substantiate an approved connection to Agent Orange.

We encourage you to ask us your VA questions. Whether you need help with a claim related to service connected disability benefits or VA pension, we are here to assist you. Do not wait to contact our law office with your questions.

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