What is a Stretch IRA and Why Would I Use it in Estate Planning?

Do you know what a “Stretch IRA” is?

A stretch IRA is a term given to an Individual Retirement Account whereby a person of a later generation is named as the beneficiary. While a spouse or a child could be named as the beneficiary, a stretch IRA normally means that a grandchild, rather Continue reading

4 Personal and Financial Tips to Cope with a “Gray Divorce”


A divorce is an unfortunate occurrence at any stage of life. Anytime two people who were once in love separate, it is a complicated issue. If one is prepared, though, this unfortunate occurrence can develop in a smoother manner.

First, divorce proceedings can unfold in a number or Continue reading

How You Can Help a Loved One with Special Needs Planning


When your loved one has special needs, then you know how important it is to make sure he or she has the necessary support. We talk to families each day about special needs planning and provide educational resources to ensure that they understand the complexities of the issues they Continue reading

Effects of Certain Dementia-Linked Drugs May Be Worse Than Previously Thought

Do you believe that you have ever experienced a “mental fog” or disorientation after taking certain medications, like antihistamines? While it may be a normal side effect, it can also come with long-term risks not previously known to scientists.


According to several landmark studies Continue reading