How You Can Help a Loved One with Special Needs Planning


When your loved one has special needs, then you know how important it is to make sure he or she has the necessary support. We talk to families each day about special needs planning and provide educational resources to ensure that they understand the complexities of the issues they are facing.

When you are able to plan early and thoughtfully for the future, you can have more options available to you than if you wait until a crisis. Unfortunately, in a crisis you may lose the ability to plan. This holds true should you lose your capacity or pass away. This Special Needs Law Month, we encourage you to think about the type of planning you need to create, whether it is on the health care, legal, or advocacy side, to ensure your loved one with special needs is protected.

You know, based on your loved ones condition, the type of support that he or she needs. For example, if he or she has autism, it may not be best for your loved one to be subjected to large crowds, or around extremely loud noises. This would be something you know as a caregiver but not what other people understand, especially if they have no experience with your loved one.

Many of our clients, friends, and family members, share that they are concerned about issues like this:

  • Will someone be able to care for my loved one’s special needs?
  • How can I ensure he or she will still have access to public benefits?
  • I want to leave an inheritance to my loved one, but I worry she will be unable to manage it due to disability, what are my choices?
  • If I am no longer here, he or she will be exceptionally vulnerable, how do I plan for this?
  • I am the primary caregiver for my disabled loved one. How do I choose the right back up caregiver for a time when I am no longer here, and can they be trusted?

We know these concerns and have worked with many families to navigate them. The continuing goal is to make sure your loved one with special needs receives continuous care, even at a time when you’re no longer here. Through your estate plan you can answer many of these questions. When you work with your special needs planning attorney, he or she will be able to guide you to many of the much-needed resources for you and your family.

Arguably the worst thing that can happen, is for your loved one with special needs to be left in a period of uncertainty. Do not wait to get your questions answered. We provide solutions, education, and assistance to families just like yours, whether you are a grandparent, parent, or friend, who are looking for ways to support their loved one. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you understand the planning that you need to accomplish your goals.