4 Ways to Help You Avoid Harm This National World Elder Abuse Day


There is a growing epidemic across our nation, and worldwide, of elder abuse.

Research tell us that one in ten seniors over the age of sixty has experienced some form of elder abuse. You may be asking, however, just what is elder abuse?

According to the National Council on Aging Continue reading

Tips on How We Can Honor The Veterans in Our Lives This Memorial Day

We honor and celebrate our veterans every day, but Memorial Day is our chance to truly show the veterans in our lives our respect and appreciation.


For many loved ones who served, being a veteran is an important part of their identity and Memorial Day is a celebration of the important Continue reading

National Older Americans Month Honors Senior Veterans

Every May is National Older Americans Month.

It is a time to acknowledge the contributions of past and current seniors, and in particular, those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. There are currently more than nine million veterans of retirement age, and many more are expected Continue reading

How to Prove Military Asbestos Exposure for a Veterans Affairs Claim


Did you know asbestos is a naturally occurring toxic substance that was once considered a “miracle mineral” by many? It was used in thousands of consumer products, from insulation, to construction materials to hair dryers, and was valued for its durability, and resistance to heat Continue reading

Veterans Suffering from Agent Orange-Related Illnesses Are Eligible for VA Support


There are more than 23 million veterans nationwide, and many of them are dealing with serious health issues stemming from their dedicated military service. One particular concern our clients and community face involves Agent Orange. This is a toxic chemical that was mainly used to Continue reading

The Increased Importance of Working with a VA Accredited Attorney


In our practice we work with seniors, their loved ones, and their caregivers to find ways to not only obtain good long-term care but to pay for it. When there is a need for long-term care outside the home, seniors and their loved ones may turn to assisted living facilities and skilled Continue reading

Aging Adults Should Adapt Their Diets to Accompany Physical Changes


March is “National Nutrition Month,” and since 1973, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly known as the American Dietetic Association, has launched an annual campaign to educate the public about healthy food choices and the need to develop sound eating habits.

While literally Continue reading

4 Personal and Financial Tips to Cope with a “Gray Divorce”


A divorce is an unfortunate occurrence at any stage of life. Anytime two people who were once in love separate, it is a complicated issue. If one is prepared, though, this unfortunate occurrence can develop in a smoother manner.

First, divorce proceedings can unfold in a number or Continue reading

Three Health Care Documents You Should Consider Adding to Your Estate Plan


We know that discussing your estate plan and end-of-life care can be challenging. Having a plan in place, however, is an important step to helping you and your loved ones prepare for the future. One way to help ensure any future medical decisions made on your behalf are ones that Continue reading

Tips for Planning for the Rising Long-Term Care Costs in the New Year


The New Year brings new ideas and new ways to plan for both yourself and your loved ones. For your family this may mean setting goals for jobs and self-improvement or schoolwork and saving for the future. As you think about planning for the future, however, it is essential that you Continue reading