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About Our Firm

Whether helping you plan for the future, probate an estate, close a real estate deal, start a business, or acquire earned VA benefits, our many years of legal experience and our extensive background in accounting and taxation enable The Bradley Law Firm to be extremely resourceful and pro-active no matter what your circumstances might be.

Every action we take is in a direct response to answering your questions and using every resource available to get the outcomes you deserve.

Here on our web site, we are presenting the most common questions that arise from our clients in regard to each of the Practice Areas we address – along with the most common answers. Using this information as a starting point, we will listen carefully to your specific questions about the topics of your concern and take the actions required to get you the appropriate answers (and the best possible resolutions).

We look forward to teaming up with you to answer your questions, solve the problems you face, and identify the alternatives you need to consider.

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