3 Critical Updates for Veterans and Their Loved Ones | Bradley Law

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides countless resources for the servicemen and women of our country. While many of these are known, and understood, others are not as well known. This year, as your local Veteran Affairs accredited attorney, we continue to watch these critical updates and want to share three of them with you right here on our blog. 

1. A cost of living adjustment (COLA) is expected to happen in 2020.

Early reports show that military retirees, similar to federal retirees, will receive an increase of 1.6% overall for next year. There also may be an increase for those who are disabled as well.

2. The VA is actively refunding the overcharge of home loan funding fees to veterans.

The fees were mistakenly charged through the VA’s Loan Guaranty Program (LGP). It is reported that the refunds to date “included loans dating back nearly 20 years… (the) administration prioritized fixing the problems and paid veterans what they were owed.”

3. The creation of the Veterans Legacy Memorial.

The Veterans Legacy Project is an initiative to do more to memorialize veterans who are buried in cemeteries run by the Department of Veteran Affairs. At this time only names and date of life are recorded on gravestones. This would provide friends and family the opportunity to share more. It is reported that “the new website contains individual memorial pages for all 3.7 million veterans in its system.”

We continue to support veterans and their loved ones by accessing critical military benefits.

Whether it is helping you to apply for VA Pension or obtain compensation benefits due to an injury or appeal an incorrect rating, we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact our office and schedule a meeting with attorney Anthony Bradley.