Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Law! Important things you need to know!

The System Is Confusing...and Discouraging... but Don’t Give Up

Understanding the Disability System

When people think about Social Security, they think about the money they receive when they retire. The golden age of 65 is meaningful to most because it signals the start of a new relationship with the U.S. government.

However, what most people don’t think about is receiving Social Security earlier due to disability.

This article focuses on the disability system put in place by our government and how to access it if it becomes necessary.

There are two different programs within the Social Security system.

These are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) - Title 2and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - Title 16.

SSDI - Title 2 - (“disability”) is a program that provides income to injured or ill individuals who have paid into the system over the years and who have been disabled for over 12 months or expect to be disabled for at least that long. One must have built up “credits” over the years and have worked five out of the last ten years while paying into the Social Security system.

SSI - Title 16 is in essence the same type of program, but it is geared for those who have not paid into the system over the years sufficiently to have built up credits and have assets below poverty level. The asset levels change, but suffice it to say that if you have income from a spouse or other individuals in your household, or you have assets above a few thousand dollars (excluding your home or primary automobile), you will be denied SSI. Few people qualify for SSI because of the rigid standards.

The Process; Your Application

Your first introduction to Social Security will be the application stage. It is a lengthy application.

Don’t get intimidated! These folks simply want to get the information completed and forward it along for review. Most claimants get rejected at this stage. That’s why, at this time, you should hire an attorney to help process your claim.

The Process; Reconsideration Level

Once you have been rejected, you must file an appeal. Many documents have to be gathered and filed. However, even with the help of an attorney, most applicants will potentially fail at this point. It is hard to explain why this happens except that the system counts on people failing to follow through with an appeal.

Don’t Give Up!

The Process; Request for hearing

The third stage involves the request for a hearing before an administrative judge. This could take an additional 8-10 months. As hard as it is to literally survive during this waiting period, the odds of prevailing ultimately go up dramatically when you appear before a judge with a competent attorney. A hearing is relatively informal but it is absolutely critical that the case is prepared properly with the medical evidence securely in place.

The Law is on your side.

A decision will be made in writing and sent to the parties shortly thereafter.

Be aware, there is a major difference between the SSDI - Title 2 program and the SSI - Title 16 program.

Under SSDI - Title 2, benefits start from the date your disability started (but no more than 12 months prior to your application). For example, let’s say you became disabled on 1/1/2013. You applied 8/1/2014. The award would go back to 8/1/2013.

Under SSI - Title 16, SSI is paid according to the date of application.  You cannot go back on SSI before the date of application. 

There is also a five-month waiting period to start collecting the benefits. You would also become entitled to MEDICARE after two years of qualifying for disability.


The system is confusing and discouraging. But don’t give up. Get help and keep moving forward.

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